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Speaking and Leadership

Sherrie Wilson's Keynotes 




Leadership & Team Dynamics

Leading others can be challenging. A person can either rise to the height of their abilities or succumb to their own worst instincts. Courageous leadership covers the distinctions of powerful leaders.

  • Turning negative conversations into possibility.
  • Trigger critical thinking skills in others.
  • Learn the 8 steps to great team dynamics.

Women Empowerment


How to Survive Life As a Woman in A Man’s World

We’re all searching for a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives. There has to be a way! So how can you make unique contributions to others without being drained at the end of the day?

  • Succeeding in a male dominated field
  • Becoming a great team player
  • Turning limiting beliefs into gold
  • Controlling Arson of Mind – Emotional Charge

Faith-Based Organizations


The First Ingredient of A Miracle is An Impossible Situation

Do you need a fresh start at facing the impossible situations in life? The greatest blessings are found within the darkest hours. This one-of-a-kind presentation will touch your faith, your belief and your thoughts on how amazing God is and how he transforms us by renewing our minds.

  • The first ingredient of a miracle is the impossible
  • The greatest blessings sometime come in the darkest hour
  • Lesson on Love

Created by our founder Sherrie C Wilson in 1980. Sherrie was the first female firefighter in the city of dallas and has a passion for people and safety. EMR started as a part time training business that provided American Heart Association (AHA) Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Programs to concerned citizens and healthcare providers with the goal of increasing the number of lives saved and the quality of those lives with these interventions.

Get to know Sherrie!

We have evolved over the past 39 years and now serve 5 markets, have expanded our educational offerings to not only include AHA ECC but OSHA; CERT; Health and Safety Institute (HSI) and EMR Institute programs. EMR is an entrepreneurial company whose goal is to be one of the leading emergency management and safety training educational institutes in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, the company currently maintains approximately 30 training sites with a national network of over 1100 instructors.

As every aspect of EMR grows, we seek ways to provide more and more opportunities for not only the students who attend our local classes but for Training Site's and Instructors who are a part of the EMR family.

Faith On Fire
by Sherrie C. Wilson

They told her "No you can't," but her Faith on Fire attitude said, "Yes I can!"

Walking into a burning building, not knowing what awaits, not knowing if there are canisters of explosives or toxic chemicals inside that pitch-dark, smoke filled Hellish environment, firefighters are trained to quickly assess the situation and to act immediately with no time to second guess their decisions.

But, there is an additional element that transcends all training, all emotional and psychological preparedness, all human knowledge about danger and fear of doing this type of work - it's FAITH.

Sherrie Wilson, a 34-year veteran and retired paramedic with the Dallas Fire Rescue Department, allows you to come into her world and experience what makes the difference between life and death for those who serve the rest of us, in her new book.

Order Here $21.95

Follow the author on Twitter (@SherrieCWilson) and Facebook (, and thanks for all your support.

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