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Hazardous Materials Transportation Train the Trainer (Day 2)

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) under the Department of Transportation requires that Hazmat Employers train all Hazmat Employees within 90 days of starting in the position and conduct recurrent training every three years thereafter. The Hazardous Materials Transportation Train the Trainer course is designed for personnel who will be preparing and conducting this training. Course participants will learn applicable PHMSA requirements as well as principles of adult education and effective instructional design. In addition, participants will learn how to develop a systematic training program to ensure that hazmat employees are trained in the five areas required by 49 CFR 72 Subpart H: General awareness/familiarization, Function-specific, Safety, Security awareness, and In-Depth security.

  • DOT Training Requirements for Transportation of Hazardous Materials
  • Principals of Adult Learning
  • Training, Design, and Delivery
  • PHMSA'S Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Modules
  • Employees Who Load and Unload Hazardous Materials
  • Employees Who Prepare Bulks and Non-Bulk Packaging
  • Employees Who Prepare and/or Sign Shipping Papers
  • Employees Who Report Incidents
  • Employees With Security Responsibilities

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