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Training Center Faculty

Training Center Faculty Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Training Center Faculty (TCF) for Emergency Management Resources (EMR).

For 33 years, EMR has been a go to resource for emergency and safety products and training. We have earned a reputation of integrity with our curriculum providers deliver such as American Heart Association (AHA); Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) as well as our training sites.

Because we get so many requests from Instructors who want to become a TCF, and we need to ensure the top quality people are our curriculum experts, we've created an application and included the standard list of requirements here.

Responsibilities of TCF:

* Record keeping of all AHA instructor courses
* Work with the TS Coordinator closely to promote the growth and sustaining of the TS you serve.
* TCF's Instructor courses shall include:
- Specific course curriculum of the accrediting body (ie: AHA; OSHA; HSI, etc.)
- Orientation to the specific Training Site procedures
- Orientation to submission of rosters online to EMR
- EMR Associate Instructor policies & procedures outlined in EMR "AI Handbook"
- EMR Integrity Statement signed by all Instructors

Documents that must accompany TCF Application:

* Written recommendation from the Training Site Coordinator to Sherrie Wilson, President of EMR (e-Mail correspondence is acceptable to
* Proof of Instructor status in the disciplines you are seeking as TCF, for at least two years (copy of instructor card(s) and monitoring form (s))
* Minimum 50 students per year trained (please provide rosters as validation of this requirement)
* Positive evaluations from last 4 courses (please provide)
* Current copy of AHA Instructor Essentials certificate

2018 Training Center Faculty Application
2018 Training Center Faculty Renewal