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Team Dynamics

About Team Dynamics 

To put a team together then hope for a great performance is insane.

EMR can customize the Team Dynamics seminar for as little as one hour or up to four hours in length. Within that time, your group will learn the critical elements of an effective team and their roles and responsibilities within the emergency response. Teams must communicate and practice together in order to achieve a high level of efficiency to generate greater productivity, promote cooperation and improve communication.

You can expect your team to learn practical strategies in: creating the right atmosphere for effective team dynamics; the importance of mutual respect; closed loop communication; giving and receiving clear messages; knowing one's limitations; knowledge sharing, constructive intervention, reevaluating and summarizing.

Team members will become aware of their functions and operate in confidence during the emergency. member awareness; that can be applied to not only the emergency situation but in everyday life.

Shorter seminars are primarily dialog due to time constraints but longer sessions are expanded to include interactive role-play. Other topics may include:

  • Making the distinction between a team and a work group
  • Identification of a team's mission
  • The foundation of values, norms and goals
  • Building relationships; trust; respect among team members
  • Values that motivate a team
  • Team builders / team wreckers
  • Resolving team conflict
  • Self-Assessment and Role play


1 - 4 hours depending on your need