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Med Spanish Immersion Program

About Med Spanish Immersion Program

In the year 2050, the United State will have the largest Spanish speaking population in the world. MedSpanish offers participants a way to learn the Spanish language and culture in the context of medicine. In conjunction with our Latin America Partner who has a close relationship with the Mexican Ministry of Health.

There is a clear need for efficient communication between health care providers and Spanish speaking patients. Our Spanish immersion program is unique in that it is a total immersion into medical Spanish with international health and clinical experiences in Latin America.

Medical students will be provided:

  • Graduate Medical Elective Credit
  • Up to 50 Category 1 AMA CME's from the University of New Mexico
  • General and medical Spanish Instruction
  • Cultural literacy training
  • A significant international health exposure to US health care personnel.

Students have the opportunity to participate in many training programs during their immersion program that include:

  • American Heart Association Spanish BLS, ACLS and PALS
  • BLSO (Basic Life Support of Obstetrics)
  • ALSO (Advanced Life Support of Obstetrics)

The MedSpanish program includes:

  • Clinical and Preclinical Programs
  • Two to three hours of one on one Spanish Instruction each weekday
  • Four to Five hours of total immersion clinical experiences each weekday
  • Up to 50 category 1 CME Credits for Physicians
  • Flexiable scheduling on short notice
  • Many housing options are available in affordable safe cities
  • Families are welcome

MedSpanish participants become familiar with medicine and public health in Latin America. Participants develop and understanding of the medical system in the context of political, socioeconomic and cultural differences. The program is open to all interested with at least an undergraduate standing and tuition from the MedSpanish program funds the operation and its growth.

Clinical Rotations are scheduled with:

  • Hospital General de San Miguel de Allende - This is the primary hospital in the city of SMA. Program participants develop their language skills as they take part in the treatment of patients in the emergency, OB / GYN and pediatric departments
  • La Cruz Roja - The Red Cross provides students with a very memorable experience outside of the hospital. Med Spanish participants accompany the local EMT's in response to 90% of emergency medicine service calls in San Miguel de Allende
  • San Cristobol de las Casas - Offers our students involvement in the care of patients from rural Mexico. Language and clinical skills develop as students are challenged to communicate in a hospital setting.

Our Latin America partner is an institution of multinational cooperation and humanitarian, committed to the development of culture and dissemination of emergency medicine. MedSpanish was founded by Haywood Hall, MD, an emergency specialist from Taos, New Mexico.

Emergency Medicine Fellows are recently trained emergency medicine specialists who work to develop intercultural skills and international development projects. They are affiliates of the University of Texas Southwestern Parkland in Dallas. Additionally ASHOKA Maternal Health Champions, independent Fellows and others doing internships participate as PACE Corps.