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Critical Incident Stress Management Debrief/Diffusion

About Critical Incident Stress Management Debrief/Diffusion

Critical Incident Stress Management Debrief / Diffusion (CISM) is a way for employers to effectively for anyone who's been involved in a critical incident allows business and industry a cost effective measure and a determination of referral services for those employees who need it. Scheduled for groups of 10 or more and can be delivered onsite.

Participation in these sessions are intended to help prevent stress or what could be workplace violence and / or mental health issues. Participants needing further counseling will be referred to a professional licensed counselor.

Post incident, participants are assessed by an experienced emergency rescuer as to their need for professional counseling. This preemptive measure is structured to effectively get the help employees may need but will additionally be efficient use of organizational dollars in helping the employer determine further counseling needed.

All rescuers are encouraged to express their questions about their performance of their response efforts; the feelings they may be encountering and they are asked, how they are dealing with the incident. The conversation is intended to allow an emotional outlet for the rescuer leaving them with a feeling of well-being.

As part of the CISM, a one week follow up for a DIFFUSION session is held with the same participants. This is to assure they continue to deal with their stress in a healthy emotional way essentially freeing them from the emotional baggage. During these sessions, participants are evaluated a second time as to their need for professional counseling.

Objectives of CISM

  • Participants learn HIPPA laws regarding patient confidentiality
  • Gives management a good picture of the need to address and make adjustments for current and future training
  • Supports the accuracy and completeness of reports and delivery to organizational leadership (ie: Medical Director; Supervisor) submitting to the medical director
  • Addresses potential media issues, accurate reporting while maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Depending on the level of severity of the critical incident counselors may be present during the CISM.


Depending on the needs assessment 1 - 4 hours