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About the Philips Onsite

Phillips Onsite
The Philips Heartstart Onsite is a small, lightweight, and battery powered AED that is simple and reliable.

AED Features

  • Every HeartStart OnSite comes ready-to-rescue. The device is pre-installed in the carrying case and battery and pads are pre-installed in the device. Simply pull up the handle on the front of the AED to activate it.
  • Audio coaching. Calm, clear voice instructions are tailored to the responder's actions, providing AED and CPR guidance during the resuscitation of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.
  • Philips SMART Biphasic therapy uses a unique combination of high current - to maximize effectiveness, and a lower energy dose - to minimize side effects that are harmful to a fragile heart.
  • Warranty: The AED has a 8-year warranty.

AED Benefits

  • Ready-to-rescue out of the box
  • On demand CPR coaching.
  • Very simple to use
  • SMART Pads


  • AED Unit
  • 1 Set of Adult Pads
  • 1 Primary Battery
  • 1 Slim Carry Case
  • 1 AED Prep Kit
  • 8 Year Warranty

Optional Equipment

AED Only

Includes 1 AED Unit with an 8 year warranty, 1 Set of Adult Pads, 1 Primary Battery, 1 Slim Case, 1 AED Prep Kit
Add to Cart for $1271.00

Small Business Option

Includes everything your business needs to start its own Public Access Defibrilation Program(PAD) Include:AED unit, Pad Pack, Battery, Slim Carry Case, AED Prep Kit, Alarmed Surface Mount Cabinet, and a one year subscription to our Online equipment and maintenance tracking and medical direction and oversight.
Add To Cart for $1649.00

Federal Law

(a) Good Samaritan protections regarding AEDs
Any person who uses or attempts to use an automated external defibrillator device on a victim is immune from civil liability for any harm resulting from the use or attempted use of such device; if
the harm was not due to the failure
(1) to notify local emergency response personnel of the device
(2) to properly maintain and test the device; or
(3) to provide appropriate training in the use of the device to an employee or agent of the acquirer

EMR has the AED compliance plan to fit your needs

Red Plan $99 per AED - Tracks usage and maintenance information in our online Heartshock program. Add the Red Plan
White plan $159 per AED - Tracks usage and maintenance information, medical direction and oversight. Add White Plan
Blue Plan $229 per AED - Tracks usage and maintenance information, medical direction and oversight, and includes an onsite visit to ensure everything is in compliance. Add Blue Plan