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Heartshock Plans and Features

Heartshock Plans and Features

We tailor any of our plans to fit for your organizational requirements:

  • Our most basic plan for successful AED deployment is the RED PLAN. It is considered our "utility plan" for your AED program management. This plan includes our web based AED maintenance and tracking service, Heartshock which:
    • Tracks - inspections; maintenance; pad & battery lots & expirations; certified users
    • Generates Reports for: Equipment Expirations
  • The WHITE PLAN is the most popular plan we offer. It is considered our "heartshock response plan". This plan includes:
    • All features of the "Red" plan above, plus...
    • Medical Direction: Medical oversight; Prescription for the AED
    • Quality Improvement plans
    • Emergency Response Phone Debriefing
  • Our "total response" is the BLUE PLAN. This plan ensures you meet ADA and PAD requirements by having stellar records. Additionally, this plan removes the stress of an emergency event by providing our debriefing services. Debriefings are conducted by our clinical staff that collectively has over 35 years of rescue experience. It includes:
    • All features of the "Red and White" plans above, plus...
    • Annual inspection by a trained EMR inspector
  • Lastly, special services for separate purchase per AED include:
    • Supplies
    • Event downloads and documentation
    • On-site or additional inspections
    • Updates, upgrades and recalls implementation
    • 911 notification by EMR on behalf of client

On our EMR website, we invite you to take a look at the AHA Heartsaver CPR & AED training courses available to compliment your AED program. In all that we do, EMR strives to deliver the best quality in the industry. Additionally, EMR Instructors will travel to your location for classes of 10 or more.

Benefits of using Heartshock

  • Confidence. We've been helping communities and organizations since 1980 gain the skills, knowledge, and products to save a life.
  • Simplicity. We make it simple for you to sign up for AED/CPR courses.
  • Accountability. We employ only the best instructors that keep your organization compliant with state laws
  • Expertise. Our training has received a 98 percent approval rating from our clients
  • Security. We alert you when responders need retraining or when it's time to replace equipment.
  • Functionality. Our Heartshock system makes record keeping easy.
  • One stop shop. We can manage any AED, does not matter brand or model, offer a wide array of training, and provide any supplies your organization may need for safety.
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