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About Us

EMR is an entrepreneurial company whose goal is to be one of the leading emergency management and safety training educational institutes in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, the company currently maintains approximately 30 training sites with a national network of over 500 instructors.

EMR has strong customer relationships with several Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in Dallas. We are the ideal educational institute and training service provider, for organizations seeking expertise in developing their emergency and safety management plans then fulfilling them in one stop.

EMR has added partnerships to create a more robust offering of resources to direct customers AND it's training network. This mutually beneficial relationship allows both companies to focus solely on their core competencies. Since the companies' inception in 1980, EMR has been dedicated to keeping the educational integrity of our programs we deliver, coached and mentored thousands of Instructors and supported multiple training sites. As we move into our future, finding the most business friendly, efficient, and innovative technologies available to our constituency is our intent.

Our Business

In 1980 EMR started as a part time training business that provided American Heart Association (AHA) Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Programs to concerned citizens and healthcare providers with the goal of increasing the number of lives saved and the quality of those lives with these interventions.

We have evolved over the past 32 years and now serve 5 markets, have expanded our educational offerings to not only include AHA ECC but OSHA; CERT; Health and Safety Institute (HSI) and EMR Institute programs. Additionally, we support a large network of training sites and instructors in a unified effort to exponentially succeed in delivering quality safety and lifesaving programs into the hands of those who want to make a difference in this world.

As every aspect of EMR grows, we seek ways to provide more and more opportunities for not only the students who attend our local classes but for Training Site's and Instructors who are a part of the EMR family.

Our Mission

To save and enrich lives by empowering people to act in crisis through our training network, education and AED management programs that are low stress, consistent and high quality, while preserving professionalism, excellence, integrity and vision.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest level of customer service to everyone who extends us the privilege of doing business with them. We are constantly searching for better ways to create extensive resources for all of our markets of: Business, Industry, Risk Management, Medical and our Training Network. . We will do this in a manner that makes us the training center of choice for customers, the employer of choice for employees, and a clear preference for those investing in their emergency and safety training, either as an entrepreneur or customer.

Our Values

Integrity - Our actions match our words. We execute on our plans.
Diligence - We aggressively pursue the facts. We operate with a deliberate sense of urgency.
Creativity - We search for innovative solutions.
Continuous Improvement - We always remain our toughest critic. We listen.
Relentless Pursuit - We attack challenges and goals with passion, and a commitment to hard work and having fun.